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Mobile notary

Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex

As a Mobile Notary, we come to you where you need us. We are available Monday - Saturday 9AM - 9PM (Central Time). We meet you at your home, office, hospital, or assisted living center at a scheduled time to fit your needs. Any document that requires notarization can be serviced via Mobile Notary Services. With a pool of professional notaries available to provide quality service, we aim to create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients.

Remote online notary

worldwide service for u.s. citizens

United States Citizens located anywhere in the world (with Internet Access) can take advantage of our Remote Online Notarization Service. Available 24 Hours A Day, by appointment. Legal documents, General Notary Work, and State Documents are best serviced remotely. All sessions are conducted on a safe, secure, and encrypted platform. Documents notarized must be used within the USA.

real estate title work

worldwide service for u.s. citizens

Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers, Attorneys, and Title Companies use our Signing Services to complete Mortgages, Refinances, Cash-Out, and other Real Estate Closings. Available worldwide for U.S. Citizens where the property is located within the USA. Contact us for specific details.



D-I-Y / "weekend warriors"

Many homeowners opt to enhance the look of their property in hopes of increasing property values, but many do not know that a City Permit is required for nearly 90% of the projects that are planned. We can help you protect yourself and your home by obtaining a City Permit before starting a project. Building without the appropriate permit can cause Code Violations, Extra Fees, and perhaps Property Foreclosure - DON'T RISK IT! We can help!

(Already in violation? We can help clear the violation by submitting the necessary permit paperwork before it's too late!)


Builders / Developers / Subs

As in any other process in construction, the value of management is huge. Many contractors would prefer to be building, not standing in line dealing with paperwork. With established relationships with many city personnel, we can be your proxy to obtain the needed Building Permits and schedule Inspections to keep your project compliant. You can focus on development, and let us focus on the paperwork.

Blueprint drafting (cad)


In many cases, permit packages require blueprints or CAD Drawings of your project before an official permit is issued. We help convert your "concept" drawing into official blueprints that will be approved for the Building permit. With years of experience creating drawings for homes, accessory buildings, additions and various improvement projects, our CAD team can create site plans, floorplans, elevations and other project related drawings. When needed, we can also reach into our network of professionals to locate a trusted architect or engineer to provide stamped foundation plans.


Project management

large and small projects

Project management of time and resources is critical for the success of any endeavor. With years of project management experience, we can take on as much or as little of the process as you need. Coordinating with important stakeholders and ensuring streamlined communication is what we do best. Let's team up together and help your project become a success.

utility coordination

feasibility and delivery

When building on a vacant lot, utilities are not always present. Sometimes they rest at the perimeter within the utility easement or Right-of-Way. Other times, they are located several yards away. We conduct a feasibility study and coordinate with local utility providers to identify the location of water/sewer, gas, electric and telecom services, design your project for the most cost-efficient means of delivery and arrange for service to your new building.

industry referrals

building trust through partnerships

Our network of professionals is large, and grows with every project. If you need a professional to complete a project, such as a contractor, roofer, electrician, solar panels, or someone else, we can likely find a trusted resource for you. Let us know what professional your project needs, and we can look for a connection.

Thank you for your trust in us!

We specialize in the permit process for Commercial and Residential projects. Whether you are a Homeowner completing a "Weekend Warrior Project", Licensed Tradesman working with a client, General Contractor, or a Project Manager with hefty tasks, we understand that your time is valuable. That's why we use our experience and trusted relationships with local city personnel to get your permits issued accurately and quickly.


Your time and projects are important, and we aim to be of service to lighten the burden. Ask about your specific project today.


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